Water Quality Tracking

Critical to customer satisfaction is water quality. This solution tracks contamination, pollution ... It also monitoring chlorine levels and water quality across the water distribution network and enables rapid decision making.

Enable Rapid Customer Service for Water Complaints

Water network alarm tools can be used to isolate sources of pollution.

Boil-water advisories can be sent to targeted affected customers.

Affected areas can be properly segmented and closed to allow diagnosis and treatment.

Understand how to isolate problem areas and determine affected customers.

Clear visualization of pollution incidents and contamination events.

Clear Visualization of Water Quality Incidents across the Water Network

Visualize incidents.

Enable alarming of incidents.

Apply 'what-If' scenarios to isolate options.

Clear impacted piping for inspection and cleaning.

Capture Sample Data Automatically (IoT) or via Manual Rounds

Bring reality to models through real data.

Enable remote workers to capture samples on handhelds with clear instructions bringing data into context.

Capture data automatically from any remote sensor.

Enable "Internet-of-Things" sensors to plugin and capture data.