Solution pH, Chlorine and Turbidity

1. Product Information.
-Equipment for monitoring pH, free chlorine, turbidity for water plants.
-Monitor remote targets via phone or computer.
-Remote alert threshold set by: SMS / Email.
-Choice of on / off control devices, remote electric motors.
-Products are designed by Tesla Technological Company of Vietnam with warranty of 12 months with the screen and communication equipment, 12 months with the sensor (consumables).

2. Specifications.
  a. pH and Free Chlorine

TCO101 is a new industrial residual chlorine sensor, with high intelligence, sensitivity. It can measure residual chlorine and temperature simultaneously. It is widely used in such industries as thermal power plant, running water, pharmaceutical, drinking water, water purification, industrial pure water, swimming pool disinfection residual chlorine continuous monitoring.


·   Highly intelligent: TCO101 Industrial online residual chlorine sensor adopts industry leading overall design concept of the core components to ensure high-quality, export instruments.

·   Advantage features: without membrane, without standard solution and without reagent.

· High and low alarm: set-up high and low alarm via relay output.

·   Waterproof and dust-proof: good sealing instrument.

·   Accessories: integrated flowcell for electrode chlorine.

·   Multi-screen display: There are six kinds of sensors can connect to display, user-friendly display for 
the different requirements;

·   Chlorine calibration: provide slope calibration, clear menu design.

·   pH integrated sensor (options). Model: TPS101.

.   Completed system ready to use 

a. Turbidity

TTS101/TTS102 turbidity sensor light scattering method ISO 7027 based on combination of infrared absorption, infrared light emitted by the light source after the scattering of turbidity in the sample. Finally, by the photodetector conversion value of electrical signals, and obtaining the turbidity of the sample after the analogue and digital signal processing.   


The sensor adopts double beam infrared scattering spectrophotometer detection technology, with good repeatability and stability.

The application of ISO7027 standard methods (infrared light scattering technique) can eliminate the influence of the sample colour.

Equipped with self, diagnosis function, to ensure accurate data.

Optional cleaning brush with an automatic cleaning function, greatly reduce the maintenance times of sensor.

The sensor has the advantages of convenient installation, plug and play.

Multi-screen display: There are six kinds of sensors can connect to display, user-friendly display for 
the different requirements;

Completed system ready to use.


c. Data communications for external installation.

3. Scope and scope of application.

Monitoring of domestic quality indicators in water plants.
Range of application in clean water, after settling.

4. Practical needs.

Why pH monitoring, residual chlorine, turbidity?
-To monitor water quality in accordance with TCVN and Ministry of Health requirements.

5. Specification.

-Direct monitoring of pH, excess chlorine, continuous turbidity 24/24 at the factory, the scene.
-Observations can be made at the site by means of the display or by remote monitoring via a telephone or SCADA monitoring system.
-Can synthesize the data, parameters to form charts for up to 1 year.
-Can be controlled remotely by phone or automatically controlled according to the preset threshold.
-Set thresholds for each indicator and alerts via email or SMS.

6. Monitor interface on the phone.

-Phone monitoring interface, which can be monitored and controlled back to the field with optional options.
-Good interface on both iOS and Android platforms.

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Project: Installation Free Chlorine at Sabeco - Ha Noi (Low range: 0.01 to 0.05 ppm)