Alarm SMS Solution and Monitoring/Control Solution

Alarm SMS Alarm, remote control and online monitoring 24/7

1. Practical requirements.

 Monitoring energy consumption in buildings, houses, factories, factories

 Monitor all electrical parameters such as:

1. Total electricity consumption in the day, week, month, year.

2. Instant power consumption.

3. Voltage values for example: 220V or 380V.

4. SMS / Email Alarm: alert when message exceeds the level of installation.

5. Statistics / reports.

2. Specifications.

a. Data Communications Kit

     Download Datasheet

 b. Advantages:

Wireless data communication (GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications): using 2G/GPRS can supports technology with quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz, transmit SMS and data information with low power consumption.

Power supply: 12 - 36 VDC ; Alarm power off.

SMS/Calling alarm: up to 12 numbers.

Interface commuication: Modbus RTU RS485.

I/O module:

- 8x 4-20mA input (option)

- 4x relay output (option)

- 8x digital input (option)

- GPS (option)

- RF 2.4 Ghz (option)

Battery capacity: 3200 mAh Li-ion (Option)

Operation temperature: - 40 to 65 oC

Waterproof and dust-proof: IP65 with Aluminium housing; or IP67 with ABS plastic housing.

Dimension:  Aluminium housing (W88 x L38 x H110 mm); ABS plastic housing (W130 x L80 x H80 mm)

Completed system ready to use.

3. Practical needs

 The system helps us to manage continuously the energy consumption (also the electricity cost) from which the cost reduction actions / plans are being wasted.

For example: just turn off a light bulb, computer, fan ... the instantaneous power (kW) will change immediately to help you easily find, reduce the level of power consumption.

In addition, if the electrical network is the phenomenon of electrical leakage or short circuit but the eye is often not recognized, then through this App you are easy to detect and prevent in time. Avoid wasting energy and unfortunate incidents.

Designing each apartment, housing needs to be equipped.

In addition, the system can be integrated with other smart features such as remote control lights, fans, air conditioning, heating .... or other IoT devices.

12 month warranty.

Online warning system 24/7 by SMS and Online monitoring via Desktop / Smartphone. Software to use the right, Wireless Real-time control (Wireless), industry standards to ensure stability/safety.

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