Who we are?

Who we are?

Teslateq is an technology company created by Peter Long in 2017, with the simple idea: give high-quality product to company and provide them the online solution (IIoT Platform) they need in order to deliver the best work they can.

Based on this idea Teslateq, and contribute to help company to change the future. Our international team keep improving every day to help the company like yours. Besides the company a great team and teamwork, we work all together to find the solution you need.

We believe in learning, in order to succeed we don't forget that learning is the key. We learn every day, from the book, from experiences or from customers.

Our Core Value

Teslateq is a company that values teamwork as well as excellence and leadership. According to Teslateq, a successful business depends on good collaboration. In addition, Teslateq values teamwork based on healthy relationships, respect and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

We want to be honest, approachable and considerate of its customers and employees. Responsibility is the key we are a competent and conscientious company that promises to honor its commitments. Devotion is also a very important value for Teslateq, and all employees motivate it. The company takes care about the needs of its customers.

Commitment is a founding value of the company. It is at the heart of the business and is reflected in particular by understanding the needs and expectations of its customers. We owe them a high quality of service, such as confidentiality, listening, experience. Learning is the last but not least indeed everyone has the ability to learn through books and the experience of others who are very rich. We learn every day and improving quality.

Our Core Value
Our Vision

Our Vision

We believe that learning and curiosity are the keys to make a real impact in the world.

In Teslateq we want to contribute to your success because we believe in a world where health and energy can be distributed to everyone without exception. In order to realise our dream, we decide to help the company and give them the solution and high-quality product for them to deliver the best work as they can. During to a long time we stop caring about each other, now its finish human and responsibility are inside our DNA

In Teaslateq we believe in bright future, and we work every day to make this future possible.

So let's join our revolution and let's change the future together.

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