VSIP Service contract Chlorine analyzer

VSIP Chlorine analyzer

What is VSIP Industrial park project about?

VSIP industrial park in Bac Ninh project is about sharing water; we install a full cabinet solution free chlorine analyzer, in order to measure and control the level of chlorine.


What is online free chlorine about?

In the case of VSIP, the online free chlorine is about measurement; in order to give suitable water to all the company present in the industrial park. This water needs to have the right level of chlorine for the company uses it in their everyday work. The range is between 0,3 to 0,5 mg/l and here we keep the right level of chlorine into the water for all the company in the industrial park


In what this project is different?

In Teslateq we always want to help other and find the right solution for them, so this project is different because we have the opportunity with VSIP to don’t help one company but many different companies in many different kinds of industry. Some will not notice about the work we just do but if today they can deliver a great work to build a better tomorrow we were happy to be here to help them.