Vinhomes Golden River SMS Alarm System

Vinhomes Golden River SMS Alarm System

What is Vinhomes Golden River project about?

Vinhomes Golden River project Situated in Bason, within the heart of District 1 and it's about fire alarm system. We install our own fire alarm system, not a fire detection, a fire alarm system who function under our homemade software.

What is a fire alarm system?

A fire alarm system is here to ring in 99% of the time when it detects any smoke, any beginning of the fire. It is simple and small installation which are present in every building in the world. In Teslateq, we care a lot about security, that the reason why we work only with high-quality product. We also care about your security and it’s the reason why we take part on project like this.

In what your fire alarm system is different?

As you can imagine if you know us, we are in the 1%, our fire alarm come with our homemade software, it means you receive notifications. This notification come by SMS to be sure that you will receive it. As many people as you want can receive SMS and this way will help you to manage the emergency better. If you are abroad you still stay informed by our software, a completely win-win solution