Vinh Hao project - Online Ozone Analyzer

Vinh Hao - Online Ozone Analyzer 

What is Vinh Hao project about?

Vinh Hao is an mineral water plant in Binh Thuan province. This project is supply the online Ozone Analyzer for water treatment  system. Masan Group is one of the shareholders of Vinh Hao mineral water. 

How after come to an agreement everything function?

After Masan projects - we installed the pH, TDS, Ozone analyzer for them. By the way, we received the trust of Masan about our products and quality of service, then they decided to install Ozone Analyzer for Vinh Hao.

What is ozone analyzer about, in water treatment plan?

Our solution, the water-ozone analyzer is here to kill the bacteria in order to clean water and make it suitable to drink. We combine our analyzer with an alarm system in order to keep the right level of Ozone. In order to have a perfect drinking water, the ozone needs to be between 0,2 to 0,4 pp million, so when the level of ozone is out of this range the alarm ring and you can stabilize it. Make something the easiest we can in order to save your time.

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Project installed on 19/02/2019.