Thuan An 79 Project - Online pH Analyzer for Waste Water

THUANAN 79 - pH Analyzer for Water Treatment Plant


What is Thuan An project about?

Thuan An Project is a project that we install the Online pH analyzer for  raw water of a water treatment plant in Ngoc Ha Water Treatment Plant - HAWACOM.

What is pH analyzer about?

Our solution, the pH analyzer is here to measure pH in raw water in order to control its, make it suitable in treatment plant.

The level of pH is from 8.5 pH to 9.0 pH and we always keep this level in stable state. by chemical feeding pump. Make something the easiest we can in order to save your time.

Our Solution, you can monitoring by SCADA and WebApp.

In what your solution is different?

Our solution is not different, what is different is the way we designed it and by enthusiasm of Teslateq's engineers such as: auto cleaning, completed system. Then we have a trust by them.

Teslateq - Improve quality!

 Installation completed on 21/05/2019