Thanh Hoa project - Acquy Power Supply for Datalogger and Flowmeter

What is Thanh Hoa project about?

Thanh Hoa project is installation equipment for a Water Supply Company in Thanh Hoa province.

We install equipment that is supply power for operating of Datalogger (Technolog) and Flow meter (ABB Brand)


What is supply power system?

Supply power system is a system, that is include: Cell - Atlas ( Made in Korea) and voltage transducer. It supply power for operation of Data logger and Flow meter easily.  In Teslateq, we take care of quality, that the reason why we work only with high-quality product. We also care about your business and it’s the reason why we take part on project like this and more than, we give you the advantage when you use our products.

In what your supply power system is different?

In Teslateq, we always focus on the quality of products, then with this project, the difference is solution for this. We used transducer by Cell to supply power for operation of Date logger and Flow meter, that change for the old method: use Lithium-ion battery. With the old method, you will be charged expensive for change the new battery every year. One more, it only use for Flow meter.

With Teslateq's solution, you can save money and use convenient to supply power for both of Data logger and Flow meter without any other device.

Teslateq - Improve quality!

Project installed in 30/09/1018.