Southern aids to navigation equipment joint stock Company Health Check Solution

Southern aids to navigation monitoring and control system

Who is Southern aids to navigation equipment joint stock Company?


Southern aids to navigation equipment is a company who supply products, superior service, establish and maintain a safe environment for the maritime and promote the marine economy development of Vietnam.



What is the project about?


The project is about monitoring and control system inside a lighthouse. For boat, the lighthouse is something more than important, but for company who manage them, it can be painful. The maintenance a lighthouse is long and expensive, so in order to save time and have better maintenance Southern decide to call us and we install for them our monitory and control system but also an alarm system. So from now then follow and manage everything for the app and laptop with our Teslateq software, better for them and better for boat



In what this project is different?


In Teslateq we always focus on quality, it’s the reason we decide to launch a safety solution for Southern. Because machine like people need to check and maintain. Both in case, if you don’t care your machine or you need to change machine and replace by a new other (mean die). Or you have accident and problem and its cost your time and money, so in Teslateq we want to avoid this. How we do?

Simple we install our monitoring and controller and like this, you can enjoy the full capability of your machine but also have all the information you need in real time, you save time cost and money. So let's care about your machine health more than.