Soundton Service & Technique Limited Company Power plan

  Soundton Services & Technique Limited Company Power plan

Who is Soundton Services & Technique Limited Company?


Soundton services & technique limited company is a mechanical contractor with following main services

Fabrication: pipeline, tanks, steel structure

Installation: equipment and structure

Supply manpower and equipment

Provide technical solutions



What is the project about?


The project is about producing electricity in a thermal power plan, so we install Ball valve from our German partners Em-technik to shut off aggressive gases and liquids safely and reliably.

In thermal power plan everything needs to control if you have just 1 small mistake it can be really dangerous so in order to control and have the best safety ever Soundton decide to believe in us and in our German partners Em-Technik




In what this project is different?


In Teslateq we always focus on quality, this is the reason why we chose carefully our partners, in thermal power plan the quality is more than important, they don’t have choice so in order to have the best result but also the best safety at work we are really proud to deal with Soundton services & technique limited. This project is also different because we are the exclusive distributor of Em-Technik in Vietnam and see Vietnamese company who believe in our product and partners is a great step for the future. We will always focus on quality to bring you the best.