Saigon Paper Pressure Transmitter and pH Analyzer

Saigon Paper Pressure Transmitter and pH Analyzer 

What is Saigon paper project about?

Saigon Paper project is about the installation of a pressure transmitter and pH analyzer in a paper factory, we install for them a Klay Instrument (made in Nederland) pressure transmitter and our Home Made pH analyzer (Teslateq's product - Made by Teslateq)



In what your instruments are uses in paper factory?


The process of making paper is long and interesting, but let’s say that after the raw material that are the trees, water is the ingredient. So we need trees and water in order to make paper, this water need to be boiled and steam. In all this process the water needs to control and check, like every water use in an industry we need to check the pH first before we use it, and her in the case of paper industry the water is boiled and used steam, it's in this step that the pressure transmitter is used. In order to know more about this interesting process, you can have a look at the pictures on the left side



In what this project is different?


This project was different by the kind of industry we help; to be honest, when Teslateq was born we can’t imagine that our solution can be used in so many kinds of industry like this. That why it makes us happy to contribute to help a company like Saigon paper to deliver great work.

We have strong values and we respect them, that is the reason why when we have an opportunity to do something different we do it and always challenge our self.