SABECO HA NOI - Online Free Chlorine Analyzer


What is SABECO Ha Noi project about?


SABECO is one the biggest brewery in Vietnam; SABECO HA NOI is one of the members of Sai Gon beer alcohol and beverage Corporation.

We install a full cabinet solution free chlorine analyzer low range, in order to measure and control the level of chlorine into the water that is used to make beer. 



What is online free chlorine about?

In SABECO Ha Noi, the online free chlorine is about measurement; in order to make beer, you also need water. This water needs to have a level of chlorine between 0,03 to 0,05 mg/l when the level is not respected we pump pure water to adjust this level. The online free chlorine analyzer we install measure the chlorine level between 0,01 to 0,09 mg/l in order to measure and respect the beer industry standard level. 



In what your solution is different?


In Teslateq we always focus on quality and it’s the reason why we use digital communication output and not an analogue one. We solved the problem to measure Free Chlorine in low range (0,03 to 0,05 mg/l). More important, the online measurement equipment allows operators to control the quality water is always satisfactory. 

With the simple system include: the controller and a sensor, operator can use and install easier.

Teslateq - Improve quality!