Masan pH Analyzer

Masan pH Analyzer 

What is Masan project about?

Masan Project is about food industry, is a company part of Masan who produce . We install for them pH analyzer (We installed Ozone, pH and TDS Analyzer for them in Masan Tan Binh before that).

How after come to an agreement everything function?

Its really happy after Masan project about installation of Ozone, pH and TDS Analyzer . We get the trust about our product and working style. Masan contact us we install a system include of pH  Analyzer, based on the result they have, then they choose us or not. For Masan we install full solution in cabinet from the pH  analyzer. We always try to save time and money for our client.

What is pH analyzer about?

Our solution, the pH analyzer is here to measure the level pH in water in order to control its, make it suitable to drink.

In the water quality standard, the level of pH is from 6.5pH to 8.5pH and we alway keep this level in stable state.  Make something the easiest we can in order to save your time.

In what your solution is different?

Our solution is not different, what is different is the way we design it and then we have a trust by them.

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Masan Project installed was 01/11/2018