Huy Phong Project - Install the Free Chlorine and pH Analyzer at Duyen Hai water supply plant

Huy Phong Project - The Free Chlorine and pH Analyzer at Duyen Hai water supply plant

General about Duyen Hai water supply plant

Duyen Hai water supply plant - directly under Joint sock Tra Vinh water supply - provide fresh water for the urban area and serve the construction needs of Duyen Hai power center. 

This water requires qualitied according to international standard. To do this, we need to install measuring devices to control and monitor the system. 

 What is the solution of Teslateq?

In the water quality standards, the Free Chlorine in the range of 0.3 to 0.5mg/L and pH from 6.5 to 8.5pH. Therefore, we need to keep the level of  Free Chlorine and pH has been stable.

Teslateq brings a solution system including a Free Chlorine Online and pH analyzer, that will monitor and control the quality water effectively.

Why does Huy Phong choose Teslateq's solution?

Teslateq's solution system for the quality water compact designed, install and operation easily. Instrumentation combine the controller of Teslateq can develop simultaneously 4 targets at the same time.

  • Using technology Chlorine Analyzer NOT filter membrane, NOT chemical reagent => less maintenance. 
  • Using Technology pH combined with temperature

More than, Teslateq is proud of choosing when customer used our product to instead of Thermol Fisher Scientific products. 

Teslateq always take the quality as the core criteria, Bring the best solutions to serve customers.  Teslateq built the passion of our engineers and has thinkness of experience, research and design of high quality products.

Teslateq Viet Nam - Improving quality!