FLC Group - Online Ozone Analyzer

FLC Group - Online Ozone Analyzer 


What is FLC project about?

We installation Online Ozone Analyzer at FLC Luxury Resort Quy Nhon- Binh Dinh province, to monitor and control water quality at finished products step.

What is ozone analyzer about?

Our solution, the water-ozone analyzer is here to kill the bacteria in order to clean water and make it suitable to drink. We combine our analyzer with an alarm system in order to keep the right level of Ozone. In order to have a perfect drinking water, the ozone needs to be between 0,2 to 0,4 pp million, so when the level of ozone is out of this range the alarm ring and you can stabilize it. Make something the easiest we can in order to save your time.

In what your solution is different?

Our solution is not different, what is different is the way we integrate it with the alarm system we also decide to choose ozone analyzer in Titanium Titanium analyzers are new on the market and have many advantages compared to the membrane. You need to change a membrane every 6-month plus take time to wash it every week, with Titanium, no need to change, you just need to put new gel 1 time a year and that it. The most important is the results with Titanium are faster and more precise.

Teslateq - Improve quality!

Completed installation on 08/08/2019