Development of GPS navigation features for electric bicycles HayBike Project

What is HayBike?

HayBike is a distributor about bicycles, especially electric bicycles in Viet Nam. With HayBike, you can go with traditional cycling methods, and combined with the use of electric motors to be moved long distances.

With a compact design, but on the technical quality, electric bicycles HayBike completely outperformed the other electric bike.

What benefits of HayBike's electric bicycles?

- Vehicles don't use batteries as electric car that use conventional Lithium-ion batteries.

- Lifespan: 03-05 years

- Especially, distance traveled after each full charge battery electric bicycle HAYBIKE from 60km, maye even up to 80km.

- Charging time: 6-8h

- The speed can reach 30km/h

What is this project?

This project is about cooperate between HayBike and Teslateq.

HayBike electric bike is 2 in 1 first in Vietnam owns the power and functionality to support the most efficient  cycling, most perfect. To improve the quality of product, We combine a technology device on electric bikes to help people convenience for traveling. This is GPS device that have a lot of advantages and benefits for user.

The advantages:

  • You can determine the position, coordinates; find the best way to travel
  • Capturing the exact fuel consumption
  • Protect your vehicles safest
  • In addition, save the entire vehicles route. 

What is different in this project? 

In this project, technology isn't different because GPS device was created long time ago. This project is different that we know integrate technology into our products, giving users new experiences and useful things when using our vehicles.