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Online Turbidity Analyzer Model TMC-102 + TTS101

Online Turbidity Analyzer Model TMC-102 + TTS101

TTS101/TTS102 turbidity sensor light scattering method ISO 7027 based on combination of infrared absorption, infrared light emitted by the light source after the scattering of turbidity in the sample. Finally, by the photodetector conversion value of electrical signals, and obtaining the turbidity of the sample after the analogue and digital signal processing.   


The sensor adopts double beam infrared scattering spectrophotometer detection technology, with good repeatability and stability.

The application of ISO7027 standard methods (infrared light scattering technique) can eliminate the influence of the sample colour.

Equipped with self, diagnosis function, to ensure accurate data.

Optional cleaning brush with an automatic cleaning function, greatly reduce the maintenance times of sensor.

The sensor has the advantages of convenient installation, plug and play.

Multi-screen display: There are four kinds of sensors can connect to display, user-friendly display for 
the different requirements;

Completed system ready to use.