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Ball valve (Series 6A), manual, 11-way, with L-bore, in block form

Ball valve (Series 6A), manual, 11-way, with L-bore, in block form

Ball valves have proven their worth in practice: wherever aggressive gases and liquids are to be safely and reliably shut-off, isolated, mixed or distributed, a ball valve is ideal for a variety of tasks. Our ball valves are light and compact. They are available invarious nominal diameters and versions with female G- or NPT-threads. The 2- to 5-way ball valves are available in the materials such as PP, natural PP, PVDF and PFA, provide high media resistance and thus offer a wide range of applications. The 7, 9 or 11-way ball valves are predominantly in demand in PTFE and even demanding tasks can be reliably and safely addressed.

Designs in PVDF are also possible as standard. A special fastening system makes assembly straightforward wherever required. On request our ball valves can be offered in a bulkhead version.


. Nominal diameter DN 03 to DN 10 high KV value => Good flow rate even with soiled media

. Sealing sleeve made of PTFE => Max. media resistance

. Stem sealing with O-ring

. Thread seam-less in accordance with DIN, USAS or JIS => Numerous connection options

. Ball and stem made in one piece => Maximum tightness

. Simultaneous centring and sealing of the ball => Maximum tightness also at the connections

. On reqest as bulkhead ball valve available